Managing the cost of your divorce

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Getting divorced can be a very stressful time, without having to worry about large legal costs.  Read more from Associate Solicitor and expert in Family Law Julie Brown about how we can work together to manage your fees.

At Punch Robson we work with you to try and manage your costs as much as possible. We do so by:

  • Offering fixed fee packages so that you know exactly what you will be paying;
  • Providing you with regular updates about your costs so that you can keep track of them;
  • Providing you with regular estimates as to what your costs are likely to be so that there are no unpleasant surprises;
  • Offering the possibility of affordable monthly instalments towards your costs;
  • Keeping the issue of cost in mind at all times and advising you accordingly.

There are other things you can do.  Here are our five tips to help keep your costs down as much as possible: –

  1. Try to agree

Try to agree as much as you can with your ex-partner, either directly or via mediation. It is still extremely important that you seek legal advice to ensure that any agreement reached is fair and is appropriately converted into a legally binding Order. The more you can agree however, the lower your costs will be.

  1. Be organised

Collate as much of the documentation that you are asked to provide as quickly as possible and file necessary documents by any date provided by the Court. This will avoid delay and the possibility of any Costs Orders being made by the Court. It will also allow your Solicitor to provide you with proper advice at the earliest opportunity.

  1. Think proportionately

Try not to get bogged down in conflict about smaller items such as household possessions. Whilst they may be important to you, just keep in mind the value of items that you are disputing and how much you could incur by way of costs in doing so.

  1. Narrow the issues

Try to narrow down any issues in dispute as soon as possible. The narrower the issues, the lower your costs will be.

  1. Listen to advice

Divorce is a very stressful and emotional time. Your Solicitor will advise you about a fair settlement; based upon their expertise and experience as to the likely outcome should a Court decide the settlement on your behalf at a final hearing. If you are within Court proceedings, a Judge may give you an indication as to what he/she feels would be a fair settlement and the likely outcome at any final hearing. Final hearings are very expensive, so listen and take on board any advice about settling before it reaches that stage.

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