Our fees for debt recovery and litigation services

Experience tells us that there is rarely such a thing as a simple undisputed debt. Debts which appear indisputable are frequently defended. We therefore provide details of our charges for both undefended and defended debt claims.

We are happy to consider a fixed fee agreement which may suit our clients’ individual needs or to enter into a conditional fee/damages-based agreement in suitable cases. In the case of the latter we may charge an initial assessment fee typically equivalent to the value of 1 to 2 hours of time spent (see hourly rates below).

In the majority of cases our charges are based on an hourly rate (plus VAT). We do not charge a single hourly rate for all cases. Our rates are tailored to take into account the value and complexity of any given case and the experience of the conducting solicitor. Solicitor rates typically range from £150 – £225 per hour (plus VAT). Trainee solicitor rates typically range from £100 – £120 per hour (plus VAT).

In a relatively straightforward debt recovery case will, on average, take approximately 2 hours to take initial instructions, prepare a letter of claim, draft a claim form and particulars of claim and arrange for proceedings to be issued and to enter judgement in the event of no defence being filed. Typically this process will take 2 – 3 months from start to finish.

Unless our client qualifies for fee exemption, there will be a court fee to pay for the issue of proceedings. Please click here for details of current court fees payable.

If enforcement of a judgement is necessary we will discuss with you further costs and disbursements (primarily court fees) which will be incurred.

A possible alternative method of recovery in the case of undisputed debts is to serve a statutory demand upon the debtor. On average it will take approximately 2 hours to take initial instructions, prepare the demand and arrange for service upon the debtor. No court fees are payable at this stage but you may have to incur fee of a process server (typically in the region of £100 plus VAT) for service of the demand upon the debtor.

Should the claim be defended or the demand challenged we will discuss with you any further action which may be required and the likely charges which will be incurred. It is not possible in this general guidance to give precise details of the likely charges as this will largely depend upon the nature of the challenge to your claim and the course of action chosen as a consequence.

We will always endeavour to agree with you a charging structure which is suitable to your particular case.

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