Minerals Law

The development and construction of a mine in what has traditionally been a primarily rural area can, as many people are all too acutely aware, have a huge impact on both individuals and businesses, where they are living or operating in the area surrounding the mine.

Whether you live in close proximity to the mine, are a minerals landowner, or are a local business affected by the development, it is important at all times to be clear on where you stand.  We recommend that you seek expert advice on your legal rights and obligations.

We have twenty-five years’ experience dealing with minerals matters on the East Coast.  Our minerals team is led by Noel Barrett, a national minerals expert. With support and interaction from our other specialist departments, Noel is able to assist clients on a wide range of minerals-related matters, including those concerning Minerals Ownership, Wills, Trusts and Taxation.

Perhaps you transferred your minerals into a Limited Company several years ago, and need a reminder of your tax position, or perhaps you are wondering whether the option of transferring your minerals to a Limited Company is still available?  We can talk you through the ways in which the mine might affect your future and your finances to give you the clarification you need.  We are also always more than willing to work closely with your accountant, surveyor or other expert.

Our Minerals Law team can help with;

  • General minerals-related tax planning
  • Issues you may be facing with inheritance tax/ income tax where minerals or the “hope value” of minerals are concerned
  • Separating your minerals ownership from your land ownership
  • Including minerals as a gift in your Will
  • Putting your minerals into a Trust
  • Property devaluation through the development and construction of the mine
  • Refresher sessions to recap on mineral leases and agreements
  • Advising generally on minerals options and leases

You can meet with an experienced member of our team at Ugthorpe near Whitby, at our offices in Teesside or arrange for a member of our team to meet you at another location close to our offices which suits you.

For more information, speak to a member of our team on 01947 841348 or 01642 754050 or request a call back.


Noel Barrett

Consultant Solicitor

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